Because I´m a girl Girls can design, drive, repair and photograph cars just as boys can.  A girl can do everything exactly as a boy can. Good, successful, go-get-it girls prove they’re just like boys.    – stop! – What??    Who says girls have to prove they’re the same as anyone who is not like them?  A girl photographs cars with her eyes, her emotions, her creativity.  Just because that does not look like the photos of photographer Y, who has already rocked off X – Mercedes and BMW campaigns, does not mean it ’s not relevant.  Are not over 50% of potential customers women?  Should not at least as much advertising be created by women as well?    ‚Because I’m a girl‘ means to me, taking photos of things I see because I’m who I am, not because I want them to look like the latest campaign of other…Continue Reading
CLEAR WATER / ARTHELPS   ARTHELPS support with this CLEAR WATER COLLECTION the indigenous people who fight in the Amazon against the oil pollution of nature, for the preservation of the rainforest and their home.  
LUFTHANSA Social Media / TOYKO     Credits: Client: Lufthansa Agency: Elbkind CD: Miguel Baptista  Producer: Julian Smitter Postproduction: Manuel Wagner / WAGNERCHIC
More Than A Body   PERSONAL PROJECT Model: Melodie Michelberger AD & Lettering : Eva Dietrich