Campaign PHYLYDA “It’s not alright that women are always segregated according to their sizes, and that women who wear ‘oversize’ do not have the choice to buy and wear well-made, sustainably produced fashion. I want to help women gain back their self-confidence and teach them that it’s ok to be as they are. “ Designer, Lydia Maurer  
VW UP! Social Media Part II   Credits: Client: VW Agency: Grabarz & Partner CD: Julijus Rebic AD: Artur Schäfer Art Buying: Indra Hohns Postproduction: Manuel Wagner / WAGNERCHIC
3 years ago on the photo a shoot in spain, I found a little homeless dog looking for food. I gave him the Name “Tschikko Leopold von Werner” and took him back to Germany. From day one I noticed that he looks like a lion with his bright eyes and the color of his hair. I made him a mane und I started to portrait him in various landmarks around Hamburg, my adopted home. Now, Tschikko Leopold von Werner, is conquering the city as the famous GROSSSTADTLÖWE (english translation: big city lion)   klick her to get to know more about that project