A-ha for VW E-mobility       Credits: Client: Volkswagen Agency: Grabarz & Partner CD: Roman Jonsson Adviser: Karoline Kurzaj Production: doity Look & Feel: Manuel Wagner / WAGNERCHIC
Because I´m a girl Girls can design, drive, repair and photograph cars just as boys can.  A girl can do everything exactly as a boy can. Good, successful, go-get-it girls prove they’re just like boys.    – stop! – What??    Who says girls have to prove they’re the same as anyone who is not like them?  A girl photographs cars with her eyes, her emotions, her creativity.  Just because that does not look like the photos of photographer Y, who has already rocked off X – Mercedes and BMW campaigns, does not mean it ’s not relevant.  Are not over 50% of potential customers women?  Should not at least as much advertising be created by women as well?    ‚Because I’m a girl‘ means to me, taking photos of things I see because I’m who I am, not because I want them to look like the latest campaign of other…Continue Reading
LUFTHANSA Social Media / TOYKO     Credits: Client: Lufthansa Agency: Elbkind CD: Miguel Baptista  Producer: Julian Smitter Postproduction: Manuel Wagner / WAGNERCHIC